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Astonishing varieties of Yamaha Motorcycle models from reliable commuter bikes such as RD125 to luxury tourers in the shape of the Royal Star Deluxe Superduper to the blistering performance of the R1.

Sniper 155 

Riding on the cutting edge of tech

Variable Value Action 

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MT-09 SP 

Challenge the Darkness

The Dark Side of Japan never sleeps. It’s the inspiration behind every Yamaha MT. And the exclusive MT-09 SP is the latest masterpiece to emerge from the Darkness. Featuring exclusive R1M-inspired colours, as well as premium suspension and cruise control, the ultimate 3-cylinder Hyper Naked is ready to inspire and excite.

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MT 09 

Revolutionising an icon

The original MT-09 was a totally new kind of Japanese machine that brought real excitement and pure emotion back to the motorcycle world. It inspired over 50,000 European riders to be a part of the growing Hyper Naked movement. Now, the all-new MT-09 has arrived and it’s built to join the Dark Side of the Japan!

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Preferential Service

Yamaha Service Workshop are well-managed and our Mechanics are constantly sent for upgrading to service Yamaha specific engines.

Yamaha's Service Warranty

For all new motorcycles purchased from our Sole-distributorship.

Yamaha's Worldwide Recall

If we recall any machines for upgrades or safety modifications, parallel purchased bikes will not qualify.

Warranty Claims for Defective Parts.

Yamaha's excellently stocked yet affordable in-house parts inventory.


Inside every one of us there is a spirit of adventure that’s just waiting to be set free. And when the urge to break out of the daily routine becomes irresistible, this high-tech explorer is ready to take you wherever you want to go.

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Maxi Scooter & Automatic

I'm Fino, and you?

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Commuting & Sport

Doesn’t matter if you’re just getting into biking or are simply looking for fun, affordable transport, our 125 line-up has got the lot.

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The street is more than just a road, more than just a strip of blacktop that gets you from A to B, it’s where you feel most alive, it’s where you feel sensations that you’d never want to live without.

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Super Sport & Touring

Every Yamaha supersports model we create delivers astonishing performance that takes you to the cutting edge, whether you’re on road or racetrack.

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Trail and Off Road

If you're looking for off road action, then you've come to the right lace! From the hardcore YZ motocrossers and WR enduro bikes through to ur easy-to-use TT-R and PW fun bikes, there's a Yamaha that's right for you.

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