I'm Fino, and you?

Tricity 155 

Love the way I move.

Tricity 155’s key feature is the 3-wheel chassis with twin leaning front wheels that give you increased feelings of stability and confidence – especially on bumpy or wet road surfaces. Smart, stylish and convenient, this confidence-inspiring rider-friendly scooter gives you full 24/7 access to your city.

Tmax 560 

Straight to the MAX

You work hard. You play hard. Time is your most valuable commodity. And you appreciate authentic style and proven quality. So when you see what the newest TMAX Tech MAX has to offer, it’s probably going to be one of the easiest and smartest decisions you’ve made for a long time.

Nmax 155 ABS Connect 

NMAX. Everyday life included

The NMAX 155 gives you all the fun and agility you expect from a lightweight scooter.


X-MAX 300 


Yamaha Xmax 300 new! (New Yamaha Xmax 300) NOTHING BUT THE MAX World-class identity Sport luxury style MAX, the most popular of the premium automatic class 300 cc, new colors, sporty, exciting, the ultimate design combined with the ultimate in drving performance. That captures the hearts of people around the world according to the identity of the MAX Series family and is more cost-effective with a warranty of 12 months. 

Yamaha is a leader in three-wheel motorcycle technology and is set to further enhance the Urban Mobility segment with the new Tricity 300 - a smart and modern three-wheel premium urban commuter.

Fitted with a model-specific Leaning Multi Wheel steering linkage, the Tricity 300’s leaning front wheels give a natural and confident cornering character and the confidence-inspiring high levels of traction offered by two front wheels that reinforce the feelings of stability - even on wet or slippery surfaces.

D’elight 125 

Low fuel consumption, multiplied possibilities

The stylish D'elight is designed to make every trip so much easier and quicker - and a whole lot more affordable.